Late night update

 Excuse my weird pose but I just came home from work and it's already 10pm. I'm doing okay. Working, lacking of sleep (because I stress about work without any reason), running and cycling and also trying to do some weight training and of course eating sushi, healthy bowls (as you can see below) and cereal. Oh and pancakes and ice cream because what is life without them. Overall my weeks tend to be quite simple. I'm aiming to meet my friends and do different things everyday too but the past few days I've honestly been too tired to put effort in them. Not good I know but I still need to put myself first and focus on taking care of myself. Might sound selfish but shouldn't we all be at least a little?
We tried this 'sushi bowl' with my sister yesterday and it actually was surprisingly good yet very simple. You'll need rice (we only had black), veggies like carrot, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower & cucumber, nori, seaweed, shiitake mushrooms and sauces of course (sweet chili for life). I also ate some Gold&Green pulled oats with this to get some extra protein. When you love eating a lot of veggies you also need to make sure you'll get enough energy because they don't basically have any. Greens and vegetables might fill your stomach fast but they don't really stay there long. At least I love to eat until I'm fully satisfied and foods that keep me going for longer. I can't believe how I used to eat salads without any proper source of carbohydrates and survive with that. Or maybe I didn't and ended up hungry very soon after that. Nowadays I eat three big meals in a day and if I'm working I usually snack something too. 
Now it's time for me to get some sleep and luckily I have a day off from work tomorrow so no stress? Good night, you're beautiful.

With love, Iris

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