Must see documentaries

Yesterday I finally saw this documentary called What The Health on Netflix and all I can say is everyone should watch it. Especially if you're in any way concerned about your health and want to take care of it. Did you for example know that eating one egg equals to smoking five cigarettes? Or that sugar isn't the real problem with diabetes? 
While eating plant-based myself, I often forget about the reality most people still believe in. The meat, dairy and egg industry wont tell us that their products are actually making us sick and nowhere near healthy for us. Of course because it's all about money. I'm just saying, please watch this documentary if you already haven't. 

Another great new documentary is Minimalism also found on Netflix. If your familiar with the term minimalist already it's easier to understand I think. So inspiring and interesting topic which I'm definitely wanting to learn even more. 

More documentaries, sites or videos I could recommend:
The best speech you'll ever hear

Cowspiracy (on Netflix too)

101 Reasons to go vegan 


Sending you love, Iris 

ps. If you have Netflix you must see Okja film as well.

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