New chapter

 I turned twenty, started a new job in a vegan cafe and moved to my first own home. You could say a new chapter in my life has started and I'm so happy about that. 
 Helsinki feels like home to me. New environment and these changes overall feel better than I thought they would. Of course I'm still ready to leave this all and travel the world but here I feel slightly better. Change is always good and necessary as well. 
My apartment has a dream location and I loved this place right at the moment I came here for the first time. Sandro is just around the corner and it's kinda not good thing because now I feel like going there for lunch everyday. Well it's going to take time for me to try every restaurant or cafe here because there are so many good options close by. 
Even though it's still summer or early autumn at least many people at my age are starting their studies and it's making me bit anxious because I'm not. I feel like should be going to uni and doing something productive considering my life plans. Okay I'm still very young and there's no rush...

This is just a quick update but I hope you're doing well and have an amazing day ahead. :)

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